Most Popular CS: GO Crosshairs Generator of 2022

There are a group of pivotal aspects of mastering CS: GO and enhancing your shooting is certainly one of them.
While it seems effortless to be done, perfecting your crosshair placement, movement, and spray control takes hundreds of hours. Similarly, on every map, you must learn certain angles and positions, that are harder to hit than others. Overall, it's easier said than done.

However, if you want to rise the ranks of the matchmaking system in the game itself or enhance your FACEIT level, you’re going to have to perform your aiming clearly. In the end, it’s a significant element of not only CS: GO, but every FPS title there is. When it comes to shooting in CS: GO, having a useful crosshair that suits your requirements is significant as well. Some players choose the more classic, wider ones, while others pick those that are tiny, resemble dots, or any other short shape.

In Valve’s title, there are numerous possible configurations in setting your crosshair, therefore, picking the right one is fully tough. Moreover, if you want to try out various configurations in-game, it will assumably take you hours of entering additional options, entering the game, and providing them a try.
Don’t worry, though, since luckily there are a group of sites out there that let you comfortably customize your own Crosshair Generator. Likewise, if you want to try out a specific pro’s crosshair, most of them allow you to do so.

Best CS: GO  crosshair generators


On DatHost, users have a bunch of options to select from. Naturally, they can express their own crosshair with a menu on the right side in a very easy way, that’s hard to mistake. Once you pick one that fits you, you can hover over a few famous positions from CS: GO to try them out. And if you like to try s1mple’s crosshair, for example, you can simply paste in his config in the menu as well.


CSGOPedia is another helpful site when it comes to developing your own crosshair. Like the previous one, it has a bunch of chances to easily create your own crosshair and try it out on a few map presets, like Mirage, Inferno, Cache, or Dust2. Moreover, it offers you much more comfortable access to pros’ crosshairs from the custom menu it has on top of the page. Those can be outdated, however, so it’s consistently best to check pros’ settings on their streams, for example.


If you’re looking for a crosshair generator that has most of the noted features, yet adds the option to select the Sniper Rifle view, TotalCSGO is the one for you. It’s really reflexive to use, and contrary to the previous generators on this list, adds a few other choices, that might suit some players’ needs.

Next on the list, we have CSGOCrossHairs, another helpful site if you’re looking to fast and effortlessly set your crosshair in CS: GO. It has all the essential options on the right side of the site, letting you rapidly set up your own, custom crosshair in the game. Once you’re done, you can check it out on various surfaces, like Dust2, Inferno, and old Nuke.

Why should you change your crosshair?

Changing your crosshair can enhance your game, as the defaulting one may not be optimal for everyone. You can significantly enhance your crosshair’s visibility by tweaking some of the general settings. Your crosshair should be observable in any map environment but at the same time, it should not be distracting and so large that it blocks your view.

Ways to customize CS: GO Crosshair

You can customize your crosshair in several various ways. Here are the methods.

Console / Config

1. CS: Go to Settings

First of all, let us see how to use the default CS: GO crosshair settings. The most straightforward way is to change the Crosshair using the Crosshair Settings. Follow the path, Settings -> Game Settings -> Crosshair.
Here you can use different choices like Crosshair Style, Center Dot, Length, Thickness, Gap, and more to customize the Crosshair. When you modify an option, it will maintain showing you its impact on the preview screen. Keep modifying these options as choose the Crosshair that suits you.

2. Change Crosshair via Console

If you know how to utilize CSGO Console, you can customize the Crosshair in a more useful way. Press ~ to open the console and then enter the crosshair commands. Here is the list of CS GO Crosshair Commands you can test to customize the crosshair...

cl_crosshairstyle – sets the crosshair style in the console

– default (dynamic)
– default (static)
– classic style
 – classic style (dynamic)
– classic style (static)

cl_crosshaircolor X
 – Change the crosshair color. The value of X could be from 0 to 5 numbers.

 – red
 – green
2 – yellow
 – blue
 – cyan
 – custom

 – use value 1 to allow the dot and 0 to disable the dot.

 – To allow the crosshair outlining. 1 to enable and 0 to disable the outline of the crosshair

 – Adust the crosshair size

 – set the crosshair transparency

– Set the gap of your crosshair

 – Set the thickness of the Crosshair

 – For utilizing T-shaped crosshair. 0 to allow and 1 to disable the T-shaped crosshair

Wrap Up

Now you understand how to customize CS: GO crosshair. You can either use the default settings option given in CSGO or utilize any good CSGo crosshair generator tool. Also added a few sample Crosshairs with the commands above. You can now copy these commands into the CSGO consoles.